Past Casting Classes

Casting Class - Members Choice Clinic

Casting Class - Quick Cast to 50 feet

Casting Class - Distance Casting with David Olson, MCI

Casting Class - Improving Your Distance with Larry Allen, MCI

     Casting games instructions                      Walking to the casting lanes

Casting Class - Casting games

             Casting to the fish                          Video recording of the casting stroke

Casting Class - Casting instruction by Joe Mahler, CCI

Casting demonstration by Joe Mahler, CCI

Casting Class - Individual Casting Instruction

                Casting pointers                                       Casting skills course

                     Practice                                                 Tools of the trade

Casting Class - Trout fishing preparation class

Practice casts

Casting Class - Casting in the Wind

Casting Class - Casting Games

Casting Class - Group instruction with Dayle Mazzarella, MCI and Dusty Sprague, MCI

        Dayle Mazzarella MCI                                 Dusty Sprague MCI

Small group instruction

Individual instruction


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