Patterns and Tying Instructions


The following four flies were tied by Aaron Adams, PhD. The flies represent four types of prey found in southwest Florida Backwaters: Gobies, Killifish (aka mudminnows), Toadfish, and Fiddler Crabs.

                             Gobies                                                      Killifish

                            Toadfish                                               Fiddler Crab


                                                       LOCAL PATTERNS

           Doug's Snook Devastator                       Tom Shadley's Woolhead                                                                                                         Wigglebutt Mullet

                              DT                                                        Light bulb


                     Redfish fly


            EP Purple and Black                                           EP Mullet


                                                     Peacock Bass flies


                Shrimp pattern                                            Wool Mullet

Tarpon Patterns

                                                             The "Toad"


                            Black Death


Tying Instructions


Photographic instructions for tying Norm's Crystal Schminnow as tied by Norm Ziegler, the creator of the fly.

Material List:
Hook: Mustad 34007, size 2
Eyes: Large Black Monofilament
Body: Pearl-white crystal chenille or estaz
Tail: White Marabou

Step 1: Tie in marabou tail                              Step 2: Trim tail and tie in eyes


Step 3: Tie in chenille body material        Step 4: Wrap body and figure 8

                                                                                             around eyes


Step 5: Tie off thread                                       Step 6: Finished Schminnow


The Rivet
As tied by Capt. Steve Kantner

1) Take several turns of white flat waxed nylon thread around the shank of a #4 34007 Mustad hook, starting ¼- inch behind the eye.
2) Attach two pinches of tan Craft Fur to the hook shank, interspersed with several strands of silver, gold or holographic silver Angel Hair. Tear–off any excess “flash” a short distance behind the wing. The completed wing should measure approximately 1 ½ inches in length.
3) Remove the fly from the vise and add three “bars” to each side with a black “Sharpie.” Return the unfinished fly to the vise.
4) Coat the thread wraps with thinned head cement or “Hard-as-Nails.”
5) Snip-off a pinch of white rabbit fur and attach it directly ahead of the wing butts. The collar should measure ½ the length of the wing. Coat all thread wraps with head cement.
6) Repeat the process with brown-ticked rabbit fur, while attempting to make the second collar approximately 2/3 the length of the first.
7) Starting as close as possible to the thread wraps, apply successive bunches of gray deer hair while spinning and pushing them together. Tie-off the thread with a Whip Finish or series of half-hitches.
8) Trim the head to the shape of a Muddler, only make it a bit smaller and more-compact.
9) Once again, coat all thread wraps.

This fly is effective for a variety of game fish wherever “hard-head” baitfish congregate. It actually imitates the pike-killiefish of brackish water fame, but also functions as an attractor. The Rivet is as much a style of fly as an actual pattern, considering that it’s the only one I know of that derives its action from the collar. For that reason, it can be tied in any color combination.

UV Bait Fish Pattern
as tied by Mike Franz

Material List:
Hook: Size to match bait, either regular, long or keel style hook shanks
Thread: White
Tail: UV Crystal Flash, Ostrich Herl, Marabou, or Combos
Body: UV Polar Chenille
Head: White EP fibers
Eyes: Prismatic Eyes

Tying instructions

1. Attach thread forward of point, wind thread to hang over barb
2. Tie in tail of choice
3. Attach UV Polar Chenille
4. Advance thread to hook eye and back 3/8 inch
5. Palmer Chenille forward and tie in
6. Tie in white EP fibers top and pull down over hook eye and secure even with top
7. Tie in Second bundle of EP fibers to complete head
8. Glue on Prismatic Eyes
9. Coat head as desired
10. Trim and Brush out fly