Members Travels

Ray Sliter in Brevard, NC area

North Carolina Brook Trout

North Carolina Brook Trout

Elk River West Virginia Rainbow Trout

West Virginia Rainbow Trout

West Virginia Rainbow Trout

Helen Truchan 44" 17 lbs Snook - Paradise Lodge, Mexico
Helen Truchan 21.5" Rainbow - North Platte River Wyoming
Helen Truchan Cutthroat Wyoming Jim Truchan Mountain Whitefish Wyoming
J P Brunet Steelhead fishing in Canada

J P Brunet with an Atlantic Salmon

Bonefish expeditions

Alan Parker and Rich Uhlig in Abaco

Alan Kuhre at Bahia Honda

Alan Kuhre 5 pound Permit              Jim Worden 45 pound Cubera Snapper

                 Belize                                                                    Andros

Kevin Becker fighting a tarpon

Kevin Becker's tarpon at the boat

Louisiana is a popular destination for large redfish


                  Jim Worden                                                     Bill Sutton

                    Ed Tamson                                                   Ralph Pike


Larry Winston with a couple of striped bass off Long Island


Alaska is another destination offering a variety of fishing opportunities


Larry Winston with a Alaska northern pike and a sockeye salmon

Why we live in Florida                                  Jonathan Richards in California

Leland and Marles Frankman travel extensively to fish

Marles with a Tigerfish caught on the Lower Zambezi River in Zambia
Leland with Golden Dorado in Bolivia
Leland and Marles with Taimen in Mongolia
Leland with a brown trout and Marles with a rainbow trout in New Zealand